The Provincial Council of Barcelona launched a new tourism portal of the Barcelona area.

Nexus Geografics has participated in developing the new website Barcelona is much more ( of the Provincial Council of Barcelona by providing the geolocation tool and the display of the tourism resources on the map.

The geo-application offers tourists all the tourism resources of Catalunya, all them geolocated and with a detailed description such as the agendas of festivals, parties, concerts or exhibitions that let you know in a few clicks of the event details, directions and the interesting tourist places nearby (lodging, restaurants, tour guides, information points, theaters, Internet cafes, etc).

The geoaplicación has a full internal version for technicians and managers, GeoBI, with business indicators generated from the users’ statistics of, which serve to represent their behavior and establish demand through reports, graphs and maps.

Barcelona Provincial Council is a public institution of Catalonia (Spain) that provides direct service to more than five and a half million citizens as well as technical, economic and technological support to the 311 municipalities in the province of Barcelona.