A Touch screen application to inform of field-work water samples

EMATSA has deployed a mobile application (app) that allows laboratory samplers to take in-situ data analysis of water samples, as well as inform the samples made during their work day. This mobile application also takes into account the quality criteria of the laboratory, assuming that each time a field technician comes out, he must inform the necessary standards for quality control. The samples are organized by sampling routes and by date, which guarantees that each sampler receives on his ipad the samples and the parameters that he has to report in a work day. Once the quality parameters and the analytical results of the samples are informed, these values are automatically incorporated into the laboratory LIMS system. In addition, samples and sampling points are shown on the google map. The geolocation that allows the ipads and the fact that the location of the sampling points is known allow us to calculate the optimal path for the sampler by making the work easier. The application has been developed by the iOS operating system and is implemented in touch tablets iPAD, connected to the internet through 4G. The application can also work offline with automatic synchronization once it retrieves the connection and has been developed with the collaboration of Nexus Geographics.

EMATSA, Municipal Mixed Company of Aigües de Tarragona SA, is a company of the Tarragona City Council and Sorea (SUEZ group) that contributes to the growth and development of Tarragona, La Canonja, Els Pallaresos and El Catllar where it manages the integral water cycle to more than 145,000 inhabitants.