Maps with 3D buildings with apartments and houses on the real estate portal

The new 3D map of the portal adds very interesting features to quickly filter the floors that interest us: draw the area, see the buildings in 3D and rotate the map with your fingers. The offers are associated with data and pictures, which we can filter to fine-tune the search, to see them on the map or also in the form of a list.

The novelty of this technology is its ability to combine BigData with 3D maps, which is very useful for analyzing the activities of highly populated urban areas, where most of the population is concentrated. It is available in Spain for all urban areas and the singular buildings (such as the Stadium Bernabeu, Real Madrid FC) have also been incorporated in high definition in the top 25 cities.

The application works online for all types of devices (computer, tablet or smartphone) and has been developed with the platform (owned by Nexus Geographics) that provides geolocation service to more than 1,000 companies, thanks to its Maps with coverage of most of the planet at the level of streets, roads and satellite. is one of the three real estate portals of reference in the sector in Spain. It helps individuals and professionals to buy, sell and rent any type of property quickly and easily. It belongs to the group Vocento, one of the largest communication groups in Spain.