A geocoded cloud application for Building Assessment Reports, finalist at the CNIS 2017 Awards

The City Council of Ibiza is finalist in the award for the geocoded Platform for Building Evaluation Reports, developed with the collaboration of Nexus Geographics, in the category "Best Project of Digital Transformation / Electronic Administration".

It is a cloud platform that solves the processing of the Building Evaluation Reports; it allows you to start inspection processes, manage the building database and record your status changes, with tables and an interactive map. It has mechanisms for allocating building records to municipal technicians, with alerts and notifications by e-mail. Through interoperable APIs, the tool is integrated with the two cloud platforms used in the city; the file manager GESTIONA from esPublico and the municipal Geographic Information System ENMAPA.

The National Congress of Innovation and Public Services (CNIS) will be held next 22 and 23 February in Madrid, the main meeting at state level on e-government, which will bring together more than 1.000 elected officials and specialized technicians from Public Administrations. With more than 200 papers that will deal with the management of digital transformation and how to put it to the service of citizens, companies and administrations. Topics such as adaptation to new regulations, transparency, simplification and reformation of administrations, governance, Smart Cities, the collaboration between public - private and public enterprises, among other topics.

The awards of this congress recognize innovative experiences and solutions realized by administrations, which add value to public services and facilitate decision-making and planning for future actions by other administrations.

Nexus Geographics will participate actively in the Congress and will present the paper "GIS specialized in Town Councils with cartography directly integrated with databases", with the collaboration of Matilde Manzano, of the City council of Ibiza.