BluePlanet: optimize routes for the water delivery and monitor them in real time

The delivery routes can be effectively planned to improve customer service and at the same time save costs by taking advantage of the geographic technology and artificial intelligence: this is what has been achieved with success by the Routing Reparto's system at BluePlanet to optimize the delivery routes of the company.

"Every morning, when the delivery man turns on the mobile phone he already finds in it the ordered list of the visits to perform and the APP indicating the route to follow through the browser built-in GPS in the phone. At each visit the dealer performs a check-in, which we receive in real time at the office, from where we can monitor the location of each vehicle and make performance reports of the delivery tasks," says Marc Parera, director of BluePlanet.

BluePlanet is a company specialized in supplying water and coffee to companies and private individuals

RoutingReparto is an online system for planning routes with multiple stops, save transportation costs and maximize the number of clients visited, developed by Nexus Geographics and Newronia