Bus Manager

Bus Manager is an online system to facilitate the delivery of public transport data into Google Maps, which is the mapping platform that millions of passengers use every day to calculate their transportation routes.
INCREASE YOUR COMPANY'S REVENUE: Publishing your transport data in Google Maps will increase the number of passengers of your public transport services.
YOUR TRANSPORT DATA WILL NOT REACH GOOGLE MAPS BY THEMSELVES ! Public transport data needs to be inserted into Google Maps by following a protocol and a standard format.
WORK OUT PERSONALIZED ROUTES WITH YOUR PUBLIC TRANSPORT SERVICES: Google Maps allows users to calculate geographic routes adjusted to their needs. By publishing your services by this web mapping service, your transport data will become fully accessible to millions of passengers.
CREATE AND MANAGE YOUR DATA EFFICIENTLY: BusManager helps you to generate and manage public transport information in the format required by Google Maps, thanks to a simple and intuitive web-based geographic application.

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