Maps with 3D buildings with apartments and houses on the real estate portal makes it easier to find a flat with a new map of 3D buildings and a pencil to draw the personalized zone.

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Barcelona Zoo releases its App

Una App que t'ajuda a explorar el Zoo


Barcelona Zoo has released its new application for mobile devices by the end of April.

With the new app, visitors will receive all the updated information about the zoo in their mobile, while visiting the park. Users will easily can:

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Nexus Geographics attends the presentation of the new edition of the Repsol Guide

On December 10, the Repsol Guide 2014 was presented. This edition consolidates a successful, more visual, comfortable and structured format in three separate volumes that facilitates its use and the planning of trips.

In this edition 34 new gastronomic products are added that encourage the traveler to travel through gastronomic experiences in Spain and in addition, has awarded eight Spanish restaurants their maximum recognition of three Soles (Suns).

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Touch maps in the new website of Barcelona to project city brand internationally

The 30 million annual visitors to the web of Barcelona now have touch maps in the new website of the city hall, thanks to the app CITY MAP for PC, tablets and smartphones. The city hall website, which was launched 20 years ago, has been renovated from the ground up moving from to to strengthen the "Barcelona brand".

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The Provincial Council of Barcelona launched a new tourism portal of the Barcelona area.

Nexus Geografics has participated in developing the new website Barcelona is much more ( of the Provincial Council of Barcelona by providing the geolocation tool and the display of the tourism resources on the map.

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