Maps with 3D buildings with apartments and houses on the real estate portal makes it easier to find a flat with a new map of 3D buildings and a pencil to draw the personalized zone.

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Barcelona Zoo releases its App

Una App que t'ajuda a explorar el Zoo


Barcelona Zoo has released its new application for mobile devices by the end of April.

With the new app, visitors will receive all the updated information about the zoo in their mobile, while visiting the park. Users will easily can:

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The Granollers conurbation has an app with all the information of its bus services

This week, the bus service of the Granollers conurbation, TransGran, has made an app for smartphones and tablets available for its users, with all the relevant information of its service.

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Manresa releases an App with all information about their bus services.

Bus Manresa presents their new APP, a new information channel and an easier and more comfortable way to obtain the most relevant information about the city busses for its users, in real time.


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The App de Bip&Drive is revolutionizing electronic toll collection for motorways and parkings

App Bip&Drive el único Via-T con App

Bip&Drive is the company that is revolutionizing the sector of the electronic toll collection, with attractive and innovative proposals and approaches. Amongst them, is the fact of being the only valid ViaT for all highways of Spain, France and Portugal.

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