GIS specialized in port environments

During two days, the port of Huelva is uniting experts in GIS technology to manage big ports, their territory and emergencies.

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The tecnological platform Routing Reparto, software to plan business routes, has won the 7th “Fem Industría” contest, 2016

Nexus Geographics is the winner of the "Future company" prize during the 7th call of the “Fem Indústria” contest. The ceremony was held on the 31th of May in the Pompeu Fabra Auditorium of the College of Industrial Engineers´ headquarters in Barcelona, Catalonia.

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Nexus Geographics is offering a seminar named "Public Transport planners" at the Public Transport Workshop on ITS held in Madrid.

On 30th September, Nexus Geographics is participating as a speaker in the ITS Course on Public Transport to be held in Madrid.

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BluePlanet: optimize routes for the water delivery and monitor them in real time

The delivery routes can be effectively planned to improve customer service and at the same time save costs by taking advantage of the geographic technology and artificial intelligence: this is what has been achieved with success by the Routing Reparto's system at BluePlanet to optimize the delivery routes of the company.

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