TaxiClick: mobile app to reserve a taxi

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Free application for iPhone and Android smartphones, making it possible to book a taxi in a simple and fast way, without any call. The service is available in 40 cities including 25.000 taxis. The user receives the number of the reserved taxi and can follow the taxi's position on the map as he approaches to pick him up.

The APP TaxiClick is the ideal service for clients with taxis that use the "Alfa" system in their Central, which it is fully compatible. Also the "Alfa" system is from Taxitronic, on which Nexus Geographics collaborated. This system provides the APP with real-time information, automatic client assignments, service availability, etc. The current "Alfa 6" version of Taxitronic is the sixth generation in its history, powerful and reliable with a set of applications for cloud based radiotaxi stations.

The App TaxiClick allows to:

  • Ask for a standard taxi, an adapted taxi or one with special services.
  • Automatically detect the client's location using the GPS of the mobile phone. The customer can also enter his address manually.
  • Know the taxi number, brand and model of the vehicle, and follow its position on the map, as it approaches to pick up the customer.
  • Sign up as a private or business customer (subscribed to a RadioTaxi) with a confirmation SMS.
  • Choose special services.
  • Cancel a reservation, in real time.
  • Integrated application with the Taxitronic reservation, telecommunication and dispatching system.
  • Push notification system and SMS.
  • Monitor reservations, detect repetitions of a client reservation and reservation notifications.

Taxitronic is the leading manufacturer of taximeters and fleet management systems for taxis. They have over 15 years of experience in market development, and in installing and the maintenance of software systems for radiotaxi, especially large fleets, of more than 1.000 taxis. They offer comprehensive solutions, as a leading manufacturer of taximeters, printers, light modules and all-in-one terminals, since the year 1926. The company operates in more than 15 countries and in major cities, such as New York. It has 150.000 active taximeters, 30.000 data terminals and exports to more than 25 countries.