Continuous evolution of the GISAgua, aGIS and LIMS systems.

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GISAgua, aGIS and LIMS are systems used by SYNECTIC, the technological company of the AGBAR group, an international leader in integrated water solutions in cities. Since 2014, AGBAR has been part of the Suez group, the global second largest group in water and waste treatment and management.

It is a web application specialized in data and services of water management that integrates with the other corporate systems. GISAgua facilitates the spatial consultation of supply and sanitation data for better analysis and diffusion. The data is edited from the GISAgua Desktop, which offers all the possibilities in editing and characteristic analysis of the GIS and are consulted from the Portal. Collaboration has taken place in different projects:

  • Management of closings: tool of Portal GISAgua, that allows:
    • To calculate the networks affected by closures - interruptions in water supply - both planned and incidental, in the office and on the street (with tablet).
    • To quickly know the under-supplied area and the subscribers that will be affected directly and indirectly by the closing.
    • To notify the subscribers, by email, of the cut or incidence in the water supply
  • Synchronization of connections: GISAgua Desktop tool that allows to homogenize the existing connections in the GISAgua portal (technical network management system) with those existing in the commercial system (AquaCIS), from its geolocation (address), facilitating and, in this way, verifying the connection between a connection and the associated subscribers. This action allows the incorporation of customers in the flow of operations of the organization to improve communication. For example, they can automatically be informed on the effects on the supply by repairs or incidents in the network.
  • Support:
    • Support on the implantation of GISAgua for new national and international clients.
    • Data adaptation in the implementation of new clients.
    • Administration and support for the Portal GISAgua and Desktop users.
    • Documentation for users and administrators.
    • Change management and training.

aGIS aGIS is a platform for consulting in the office and in the street mapping and distribution network (supply and sanitation), as well as associated documentation. It collaborates in several aspects of the platform:

  • Support and evolution:
    • Resolution and management of queries, incidents and operational requests, keeping the platform up to date.
    • Maintenance, management and development of functional requests, working with the established and required technological model, to ensure the transfer of generated knowledge.
    • Monitoring and control of the service, generation and updating of the documentation associated with the maintenance of the platform.
  • Evolutionary Aqmos: Aqmos is one of the most modern management tools in water supply, distribution and quality control networks. It works on aGis, for PC and tablet, and is used by Aguas de Barcelona. It allows to know the water reserve of the reservoirs, the production of the treatment plants or the quality of the water, in an automated way. This tool has made it possible to centralize a volume of information that until recently was difficult to coordinate. It also allows to respond immediately to the questions of the customers about the service that is being offered at any given time. Nexus Geographics has evolved the tool with new functionalities like:
    • Geolocation of spills: visualization of the spills, on the map and in an alphanumeric way, indicating its state (pouring / not pouring) in real time.
    • Incorporation of a search engine: possibility to search for streets, crossings or technical teams and display the results on the map.
    • Incorporation of new layers of information: map visualization of new vector layers.
    • Visualization of the external vehicle fleet: possibility to see the organization´s external fleet (but which collaborates and/ or participates in water and network management), both on the map and in an alphanumeric way.

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is a tool for the management of samples, with functions to support the operations of a laboratory. Its use is common in multiple sectors and applications that require chemical analysis, laboratory support, or sampling. In water management, it is used to record all water samples, chemically analyze water and automate laboratory procedures for sampling. LIMS system support and maintenance is provided:

  • Operational support: solving and managing queries, incidents and operational requests, keeping the system up to date and monitoring and controlling the service.
  • Sampling:Integration of a mobile application for iPad (on aGIS) sampling with the LIMS system. This allows the results of the samples taken in the field work to be automatically entered into LIMS. The application allows:
    • Visualization of samples and sampling points: display on the map and in alphanumeric form the samples assigned to an operator on a given date. Also of the different points of sampling of the water quality available, as well as the samples associated with each point.
    • Inform samples: possibility to inform and send a sample taken.
    • Offline operation: ability to continue working with data even if you do not have an Internet or server connection.
  • Thematic: Tool (on aGIS) that allows loading and displaying on the map the results of a query made from the laboratory LIMS program. It allows to make thematic maps and to visualize geographically (by municipalities, sectors of supply, floors, etc.), indicators on the quality of the water and results of the sampling. It allows you to configure the map, showing the results and the desired indicators, and their representation (different colors, grouping levels, analysis levels ...) and map printing with legend.