SegurCaixa Adeslas: Geo search engine

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SegurCaixa has a system that allows you to quickly search on the map for mechanical and windscreen repair service workshops, medical centers, specialists and services for your clients. In this way, you can quickly respond to your clients about which centers and specialists are in reach, including nearly 1.500 health care centers and clinics.

The web service integrates the searcher's response into the SegurCaixa IT System, and in this way fuels the SegurCaixa Auto APP.

The search allows you to apply filters (search by type of workshop or certain health centers), and to refine results, combining internal criteria of SegurCaixa with the proximity to the demand center.

The full search engine is developed on the platform, using its Javascript map API.

SegurCaixa also has a cloud tool from Nexus, called GeoBI, designed to display statistical and internal information on maps. Users upload Excel files with the represented data and through a menu, define the type of maps to generate: thermal, heat, points, etc.

The data (tables and maps) are stored in the cloud and linked to each user of the tool.

With 50 years of experience, SegurCaixa Adeslas is the leading health insurance company, with more than 5,6 million customers and a market share of almost 30%. It is also present in the rest of the "Non-Life" sectors: Home, Accidents, Cars, Life insurance and others, always at top positions of each category.