Route planner for the Bicing App of Barcelona

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The Bicing service of Barcelona is urban transport based on the shared use of bicycles. It is simple, practical and contributes to sustainable mobility. During the summer of 2016, Bicing added a new functionality in their APP: the route planner.

The route planner takes into account the specific needs of Bicing, such as starting and ending routes at one of their stations, calculating the sections that the user walks from or to stations, the availability of bicycles or free slots, prioritization of bike lanes, penalization of slopes, the distinction between mechanical bikes and electric bikes, etc.

The main features of Bicing´s route planner are:

  • Network of navigable streets: It incorporates a network of streets that allows calculating the sections on which the user walks or goes by bicycle, based on OSM (Open Street Maps), with a review of the network of cycle lanes and pedestrian zones.
  • Calculating routes according to user needs: Calculates routes with the criteria demanded by the user (walking as little as possible, the fastest route, avoiding slopes, etc.), with a specific logic for bicycles, and multiple functionalities.
  • It adapts to the specific needs of Bicing and its users: it calculates the complete route, indicating the nearby stations and the available bicycles. It divides the itinerary by stages (walking and bike lanes, tracks or sections of the city), allows route filters, etc.

The Bicing service in Barcelona has more than 95.000 subscribers. It is provided by Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, a company of the Barcelona City Council that has the objective of providing services and managing infrastructures related to mobility and leisure. Provides services to the more than 1,6 million inhabitants of the city.