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Repsol offers every year its Guide, a complete travel platform, integrated by various elements in different formats (paper, web, mobile applications, etc.). It adapts to all types of profiles and travel moments in order to help the traveler to get the most out of traveling in the Iberian Peninsula.

During the last years, Nexus Geographics has collaborated in the elaboration of the Guide, generating maps, from the cartography of TomTom and complementary sources, from a GIS environment.

Guide maps provide:

  • Accurate information of the roads of Spain and Portugal.
  • Complete contents of points of interest in each place, as well as restoration and accommodation.
  • Simple and understandable use of symbols.
  • Maps of roads and city plans, in scale and appropriate details.
  • Complete names and toponyms, placed in the right locations, favoring a clean and understandable design.

In addition, the paper mapping process involves, among other tasks:

  • Automatic layout and trimmed maps, in the format of the final sheets.
  • Automatically index sheets and zones, storing information in the database.
  • Validate points of interest with local agencies in each city.

Each year, the Repsol Guide maps incorporate updated cartography. This is treated with a GIS system, and before sending the Guide to the press, the final quality control is done.

The Internet Guide

When it came to the renewal of its Internet Guide, Repsol chose to replace its own system of maps and routes on the Internet by an integration between Google Maps and additional contents, both on the map as for the route information.

Nexus Geographics also collaborated in the new section of maps and routes of the Repsol Guide on the Internet, in which you can find contents related to the mobility by road, tourism and leisure, which have always characterized the Guide, on Google Maps.

These contents include:

  • Gas stations
  • Works and other incidents
  • Radars and bullets
  • Dangerous Goods Network for Transporters
  • Meteorology of municipalities and beaches
  • Restaurants, hotels, wineries and other tourist recommendations

The Repsol Guide was born in 1979 with the aim to support tourism and national gastronomy, and to be the best tourist companion of the tourist. Available in different formats, since its launch has sold more than 5 million copies, recommending more than 1.500 restaurants and providing information from more than 800 tourist locations. On the Internet, it has more than 1 million unique users each month, with 18 million annual visits to the online guide, and provides information from 2.500 municipalities. Repsol is an integrated global energy company based in Madrid, Spain. It carries out upstream and downstream activities throughout the entire world. It has more than 24.000 employees worldwide.