RACC Infotransit

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Real-time georeferenced traffic information server, with information from official bodies (e.g. Acesa, DGT or Catalan Traffic Service), and storage in a unified repository. It allows the consultation and visualization of traffic information in real time, for web and mobile internet.

Among other information, it shows:

  • Realrgt-time traffic information: traffic congestion due to accidents, traffic congestion, roadworks, etc.
  • Weather Incidents
  • Traffic Cameras
  • Radars
  • Black spots and risk sections
  • Parking areas and gas stations
  • Traffic forecast for a specific day and time
  • Accident risk level by tranches (data from the latest EuroRAP studies)
  • Risk level in tunnels (data from the latest EuroTAP studies)

The application is operative on all mobile phones with GPS from the operator RACC MOBILE, in order to inform the user´s emergency through the messaging option.

Application of SMS traffic alerts with traffic status, focused on the roads where the mobile phone is subscribed.

The Real Automóvil Club de Catalunya (RACC) is an international reference entity, offering assistance, insurance, travel and driving training services. It has more than 850.000 members.