Port of Barcelona

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For the management of a Port, geographic information has a great strategic and operative value. When this information is available to technicians, located and integrated into a system, efficiency is increased and management is facilitated.

The Port of Barcelona has a web platform called GISWEB, which facilitates access to geographic information and allows operators and managers of the Port of Barcelona to consult all their mapping and georeferenced information. In this way, they can easily know about the situation at the port at a given time and make analyzes or future forecasts.

Users can access, among other functions, the following cartographic and management information, both in updated and historical versions:

  • Aerial pictures
  • Historical cartography and temporal evolution
  • Service Networks: electricity, gas, water, ...
  • Concessions, occupations and surfaces
  • Approaches to Port
  • Geolocation of addresses
  • Access and security cameras
  • Weather Information
  • Traffic
  • Vessels and ships in the port

There is information that can be accessed by invited users, and other information of which the access varies according to the user profile.

The Port is managed by the Port Authority of Barcelona, ​​the largest port in the Mediterranean in cruise traffic and the fourth in the world. With 46 million tons, it is the third of Spain in freight traffic.