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Description is a real estate portal of reference that operates since 2009 and gives service to individuals and professionals. Internally, they use geographic information systems and maps, in which Nexus Geographics has collaborated. This enables them to obtain the prices of purchase or rental of houses on the map, with actual prices which are updated automatically each month from the data bases of average prices at

The application allows you to search directly by province, county, municipality, and postal code. It also makes it possible to compare the information of a selected polygon with the average value of upper administrative levels. Users can also consult their basic statistical information from the register of inhabitants and census.

The main features of the platform are:

  • Optimized server to work on Google Maps.
  • It includes a utility to automatically regenerate the server map cache.
  • It incorporates an algorithm that automatically recalculates the subdivision of values ​​of average prices in sections and the color to apply for each section.
  • It allows displaying the information at the level of census sections.
  • Automatic price update that recalculates the subdivision into price ranges.

With the help of this tool, performs its annual and monthly sales reports, based on the prices of its databases. The reports show the state and evolution of the average prices of flats in the different autonomous communities, provinces and provincial capitals. These statistics and reports have the objective of providing transparency and quality in the sector. is one of the three real estate portals of reference within this sector in Spain. It has an offer of more than 750.000 published properties, and allows to easily buy, sell or rent any property. It belongs to the Vocento group, one of the largest communication groups in Spain.