App Autopistas en Ruta (Motorways en route)

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The Abertis APP "Autopistas en Ruta" is designed to be a tailor-made copilot and make driving more comfortable and safer. It incorporates road information from Abertis and TomTom. It is complemented with service content (gas stations, service areas, traffic cameras, radars, mechanical workshops) and tourist information.

The APP provides:

  • Route warnings display: displays road and traffic information in the browser mode while driving through the Abertis´ network.
  • Map: shows the road information and tourist content on the map. It also includes the weather forecast.
  • Route calculation: it allows calculating the route that will be driven, incident warnings, toll cost information, etc.
  • Traffic Alerts: allows you to configure alerts for indicated routes, for the desired time and days. If a problem is detected, the user is notified via a PUSH message.
  • SOS: Emergency call to Abertis or to 112, with dispatch of the location to the control center of Abertis. Automatic Collision Detection: automatic dispatch of notification to the Abertis control center in case of sudden braking.
  • Other utilities: where the car has been parked, historical tours, road safety videos, nearest gas stations, fuel prices, ...

In May 2016, the application was awarded in the ITS awards, in the category of Highways, with the prize for the best technological solution to facilitate comfortable and safe mobility. The ITS awards are granted by the Forum of New Technologies in Transport, and recognize every year the best projects related to new technologies and intelligent transport systems.

Abertis is the world's leading operator of motorways by number of kilometers managed. Operates in 12 countries in Europe and America, and has 17.000 employees.