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Mou-te (Move) with public transport through Catalunya is a Journey Planner promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, for a more sustainable transport and mobility. It integrates all services of public transport that are operating in Catalonia: urban bus, interurban, train and metro, with data from 179 operators, 1.229 lines and 15.000 stops.

Searches are done easily, in three steps:

  1. Choose your origin and destination
  2. Quickly compare possible routes
  3. Obtain the desired itinerary

The search engine offers:

  • Different transport routes according to the specified search criteria: obtain the fastest route, with the least amount of transfers, less walking, with or without the use of metro, bus, etc.
  • Calculates entire bicycle paths.
  • It takes into account the urban and interurban public transport and also walking sections, both to reach the nearest public transport service and to change between different modes of transport.
  • It indicates the necessary transfers and changes between types of transport, including public transport and private vehicles (which is a key aspect for routes in which the use of only public transport would take too long).
  • It provides up-to-date information on the schedules, transport lines and affected services.

Mou-te is the travel planner for public transport in Catalonia. It integrates all public transport services in Catalonia, with data from 179 operators, 1.229 lines and 15.000 stops. It is identical to the kind of solutions which are available in cities such as London, Chicago, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hannover, Melbourne, Munich, Stuttgart, San Francisco, Turin, Vienna or Zurich. It is developed and managed by the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the collaboration of Nexus Geographics.