Map viewer for Active Tourism of Menorca

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A map viewer for the diffusion and strategic positioning of Menorca as a destination for active tourism. This is a strategic objective for the island´s competitiveness in the touristic sector.

The map viewer shows the full potential of Menorca in terms of active, cultural and natural tourism, from hiking, cycling or ornithological routes to patrimonial and museum routes. It also indicates the location of beaches, tourist services (accommodation, bars, restaurants, etc.), bus stops and other points of interest. All elements contain detailed information and images of the route or place of interest.

The main functionalities for the users are:

  • View and download routes for hiking, cycling, tourist, cultural, kayak... Tourists can use them on their GPS devices and have them as road books.
  • Consult tourist pictures of Menorca, by clicking on the map.
  • Look for touristic places of interest, such as pristine beaches, churches or museums.
  • Locate bicycle rental services and accommodations.
  • View bus stops and routes.
  • View environmental geo-information to discover the island, such as the Natura Network.
  • Search for routes with the option to filter them by type (floristic, natural, hiking, kayak, etc.), zone, difficulty, time, etc.
  • View historical aerial photographs: 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2002 and 1956.

During the year 2015 more than one million tourists visited the island of Menorca, from more than 15 different nationalities.