Management system for waste indicators

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The Catalan Waste Agency has a system for the visualization, analysis and representation of waste indicators on maps of the territory. These indicators are, among others: waste collected per inhabitant per day, selective collection for each fraction per inhabitant per year, fraction by type of treatment, etc.

This system is connected to the GeoBI platform offered by Nexus Geographics as Software as a Service (SaaS) and allows users to:

  • Configure the representation of each indicator and choose the type of map (thematic, semaphoric, graphics), colors and ranges to be represented.
  • Add/remove the indicators to be represented in the scope of the selected map (municipal, county, Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona, ​​demarcations, or areas of the territorial plan).
  • Show the indicators by rectangle, polygon or geographical area (one or several municipalities, counties, etc.)
  • Make temporary comparisons: increase/decrease of indicators (residues) of different years.
  • Select the reference map to be displayed.
  • Print a file with the image and corresponding information of an indicator in a defined extension of the map.

The Waste Agency of Catalonia is the public body of the Generalitat de Catalunya is responsible for the waste generated in Catalonia.