Geo-application for tourism in Catalunya

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At the end of 2012, the official promotion portal for tourism in Catalunya,, incorporated a geo-application web that stands out with its high quality, homogeneous and specialized content for tourism and functionalities which are adapted to the needs of national and foreign tourists.

The geo-application makes practically all tourist resources of Catalonia available for tourists, with its location, how to get there, and detailed info. It provides information about all types of accommodation, catering, gastronomy, transport, active tourism services, points of interest and routes in nature, to cultural agendas, festivals, parties, concerts or exhibitions. It also indicates all the tourist points nearby (where to sleep, where to eat, bicycle routes, tourist guides, information points, theaters, cafes with Internet, etc.)

Furthermore, it offers the possibility to search for a name of any service, establishment or point of interest, or to obtain the tourist resources of any specific area, by selecting it interactively on the map.

The internal geo-application for technicians and managers has even more functions, with business indicators generated from the statistics of users of, which serve to represent their behavior and categorize the demand through reports, charts and maps. This statistical analysis tool is called GeoBI and has been developed by Nexus Geographics.

The portal is owned by the Catalan Tourism Agency, the organ of the Generalitat de Catalunya whose objective is to promote Catalonia as a reference tourist destination, based on its quality and social and economic profitability.