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System that daily monitors the distribution and the delivery hours of the newspapers in 3.000 kiosks in Catalonia based on the GPS position of the deliverymen. The control of the routes is carried out from the office, with position signals emitted by mobile phones of the drivers who have installed the APP. For each vehicle, the list of customers to visit is retrieved from the server, which is automatically sent to the mobile phones of each driver.

The two main elements are:

Driver's mobile app. The driver opens the APP when the day starts and shuts it off when it finishes. When the driver opens the APP, he already has received the daily route. Once on the road, the APP automatically registers each kiosk visited by the driver.

Web application for the office. To know in real time where the vehicles are, analyze the compliance status of each route and access historical reports. To view information on the map and access details on the distribution of a route (daily trajectory, customers, real time,% ofvisits made, etc.). Daily reports: a mail is automatically sent to those responsible, while informing and summarizing the deliveries of the day.

Solution based on Routing Reparto, a cloud platform to monitor compliance with planned routes, consisting of a web application for the office and a mobile app for each driver.

Headquartered in Barcelona, ​​El Periódico is one of the leading daily newspapers in Spain, with an average circulation of 115.000 copies. It belongs to the media group Zeta, with publications such as Cuore or Interviú magazines, and sports journals such as Sport.