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Every year, the City Council of Barcelona conducts and processes thousands of inspections and records of many types; Constructions, activities, conservation and cleaning of buildings, occupations of the public space, noise, facilities, etc.

AUTORITAS is the system used by the inspectors of the City Council of Barcelona to do their field work. Nexus Geographics has collaborated to develop a new application for smartphones, which replaces the PDA infrastructure used until then.

The new application maintains the main functionalities:

  • Visualizing the list of planned inspections for an inspector
  • Resolution and submission of an inspection
  • Cancellation of an inspection
  • Visualization and modification of the basic inspection data
  • Image management
  • Consultation of historical records and establishment licenses
  • Query of complainant data

It also incorporates outstanding features and other requirements:

  • Visualizing planned inspections on the map
  • Geocoding service and reverse geocoding to define the direction of an inspection
  • Operates without data connection (offline)
  • Optimization and security methods in the transfer of data and images

Barcelona is one of the main cities in Europe. In it live more than 1,6 million inhabitants. Its city council had a budget of more than 2,5 billion Euros in the year 2015 and is the heart of the Metropolitan Area. The City Council has a workforce of more than 13.000 workers.