Photo Reports: notification system and inventory for black spots on the landscape

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Development of a computer system for the notification and management of incidents on the public highway. It is also a new communication channel between the Government, specifically the Department of Environment, and the citizen. This system makes contributions on black spots on the landscape in the state of Andorra, which we call Fotodenúncias (Photo reports).

The project was outlined on the following axes:

  • Have a data model for the inventory of black spots and landscape photo reports, with its location.
  • To implement an application for the communication of photo reports, on the web, based on the official cartography of the Government of Andorra, or the most recent aerial photograph.
  • Publish the location of the complaints on the web, with their status and the associated photographs.
  • Establish mechanisms for the report notifications to the Communal, or to the corresponding competent body.

 Andorra has a population of 77.000 inhabitants the government budget in 2014 was 108 million euro.