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The AMB is the public administration of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, ​​a large urban conurbation formed by a total of 36 municipalities. It is the public entity in charge of providing public services to the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and of providing support to the management of the Town Councils that are part of it.

The AMB Mobility area carries out the planning and management of the urban and interurban buses of the Metropolitan Area. It also has competences in other areas, such as metro and taxi services.

The new system developed for the AMB makes geographical mobility information available to its users and technical service staff, at all times. The solution is characterized by its interactivity and usability. It facilitates direct consultation on the map for information like:

  • All the lines and stops of urban and interurban buses managed by the AMB.
  • All relevant information related to: frequencies, bus stop furniture, bus demand, inspections, associated vehicles ...
  • All the available bus lines within the municipality, with its stops.
  • The path that each bus line makes, with all its stops, in the correct order.

In addition, the system allows to display information in a clear and easy way, and to easily extract reports, statistical maps, inspection lists, bus stop furniture and bus demand. These are key elements both for assessing managed services and planning administration, as well as for analyzing supply, bus demand and mobility needs.


The great urban conurbation that forms the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona is composed by a total of 36 municipalities, in a territory of 636 km2, in which more than 3,2 million people live.