SEAT Network web mapping

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SEAT Network web mapping is an internal geo-viewer web for the commercial department and development department of SEAT.

This map application allows strategic analysis, managing the commercial and distribution network, from themselves and the competition, facilitating the definition of commercial strategies and decision making.

Among other functions, with the application it is possible to:

  • To visualize the geographical distribution of the commercial network and the competition, with its variables, in all the countries in which SEAT is present.
  • Analysis of the area and distribution of the SEAT´s sales points and comparison with competitors, regional demographic data and municipalities.
  • The data is updated monthly.

Seat belongs to the multinational Volkswagen Group. In the year 2015 it produced 477.000 vehicles in the Martorell plant, and has a workforce of 12.700 workers. It has a commercial structure and owns dealerships in 70 countries.