Routing Reparto

Routing Reparto is an online system designed to plan routes with multiple stops, reduce the transportation costs of your business and maximize the number of visited clients while simplifying the planning work.

With simple information about the customers to visit and the vehicles at hand, Routing Reparto is able to calculate in just a few seconds the most optimal and efficient routes for the delivery vehicles.
COSTS SAVINGS AND DECREASE PLANNING TIME: Without any initial investment you will reduce up to 15% the mileage and delivery time.
CONTROL YOUR ROUTES: Better route planning with automatic allocation of customers to the vehicles and instant information on route compliance.
REAL-TIME MONITORING: Track your vehicles at any time and fully optimize your resources.
SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPE OF ROUTES: Calculation of daily routes with multiple delivery and collection stops, for all kinds of services and goods.
MOBILE APP FOR THE DRIVERS: All the planned visits geolocated on your phone, ready to validate them in situ. Be aware at any time of all the details of your business activity.

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