GIS platform developed for City Councils with cartography integrated with management databases like population census, administrative records or public safety.
Map server focused on companies and public bodies, with reliable and updated information covering most of the world.


We are partners of the main suppliers of quality cartographic contents.
Navigation maps with historical, predictive and real time traffic.
Mapping server, maps, satellite, StreetView ...
Free Street and Road maps created by volunteers.
Updated and geolocated weather information.

Commercial software

We have alliances and expertise with the technology of the leading manufacturers in our sector
Leading manufacturer of professional GIS software
Plattform to develop maps and geo applications
Plattform to create maps and custom geo applications
Leading manufacturer of database management systems
Expert software to transform data and automate workflows

Open Source software

We have alliances and experience with leading Open Source technology
Open source AJAX library for geo applications
JavaScript for geo applications
Web Map Server written in, based on GeoTools
Web Map Server written in C
Desktop GIS software for data viewing, editing, and analysis
Geodatabase system based on PostgreSQL