Photo report


  • A tool with direct participation from citizens to inform about incidents in public areas. Made for citizens and municipal workers.
  • Promotes transparency and creates a direct and efficient relation between the citizens and the municipality. 
  • Allows to send a picture with a short description of the incidence.
  • The municipality receives the report with a picture and initiates the processing from the internal environment, controlled by an administrator. The incidence will be individually assigned to a municipal worker to become responsible for solving the incidence.
  • The administrator will monitor the work in an efficient and detailed way, thanks to the automated processes of the system. 
  • The citizen will track the evolution of the incidence, by internet and mobile phone.
  • The data will be integrated in the GIS Server and can be retrieved with ENMAPA applications. 

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Adán Casado
+34 93 0172728
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