City guide


  • Map with information for citizens, tourists and visitors. Made for PC, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Promotes tourism and commerce by unifying information for citizens and visitors.
  • To improve information, make it more accessible and simple. Having the same data, both on the map and in the municipal web: features, tourist service, places of interest ...
  • To find and localize streets, places and features within the city: parks, leisure centers, associations, pharmacies, hospitals, hotels, beaches ...
  • To assure that the map contains all streets, with correct names. To make sure that all points of interest are included and perfectly situated within the map, with complete names and information.
  • To spread and know the city in a geographical way with the Municipality´s official names, toponimy and nomenclature.
  • A collaborative map with temporary activities within the city (festivals, expositions, traffic closures ...).
  • To facilitate the collaboration between areas of tourism, economic promotion and communications.